Earlier this year our 11 year old Beagle was racing up and down the fence line and seemed like he had a neurological event. He hunched and hung his head and started to walk with a wobble, and was dragging his left front leg. Understanding that Beagles can be prone to seizures, we got him to his bed but the symptoms did not get better. When we would try to touch him he would screech. After Doc's first assessment of a neck issue, an x-ray showed a vertebrae was out of line, causing the wobble and limp in the leg. Doc suggested a regimen of laser therapy and after leaving him for a week of therapy at the clinic, our dog had no symptoms of neck pain and was ready to play. Today he enjoys chasing his tennis ball, even into the swimming pool. He also spins circles when it is dinner time. We are believers of laser therapy treatment, thanks to Doc Wilson.                           - Dan and Ruby Kruse

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